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I’ve watched the stars fall silent from your eyes

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I watched “Man in the Moon” last night. It’s very odd, the ending to the movie really strikes a chord with me and it wasn’t until the second or third time throught that I really watched and understood one of the scenes. Andy Kaufman was an intriguing character and so enigmatic that he still resounds after all these years.

I watched the Mooseheads yesterday, poor effort. Same goes for the Leafs on Saturday. Bobby Mac from Q104 does trivia at the Moosehead games and he got a fact wrong in one of his questions. I was rather vocal about it, and Murf was like, you should write a strongly worded email. So I emailed him and told him that Marc Chouinard was drafted by Winnepeg and not by Anaheim and he was traded to Anaheim in the Selanne deal and I actually got a reply back. Needless to say, it was simply a thank you, but still.
It’s a pretty cock thing to do, to nitpick things like that, but at the same time, shouldn’t someone hold broadcasters/journalists/writers in high regard? I mean, they’re the professionals, if they don’t take the time to check something simple like that, does that mean they’re lazy in other ends of the reporting world as well.
On that same line, (very odd by the way, I never intended to write much and I’ve been sitting here for ten minutes looking at the screen with nothing flowing). Anyway, on that same line, I did a small thank you to my audience of Duck fans at HF’s message boards. I’m in the process of writing a letter to Stephanie and through that I’m realising that my own selfishness will be what keeps me covering Anaheim for HF. So perhaps nipping as much of it in the bud as possible, recognizing my shortcomings and making do would be the best. The thank you was hidden deep into discussion on a seperate issue and so I was able to be semi-honest about my doubts that I’ll be writing for HF…at least in the same capacity in a year’s time. I got to say, despite my yearning for an audience that worships me, I appreciate the one I have, who questions every statement I have and forces me to defend my arguments and research my points. It’s making me a better writer and a better researcher and entering into the fray dips the creative quill into the inkpot. bringing the passion for the words back when it is lacking.

On a completely seperate note, I have a slight web design situation that I need resolution of:

It’s the navigation for a fairly large site
Currently using a JavaScript roll-over drop down menu, all the code, including the specific links that are shown in the menu are in one .js file
I want to use CSS, but…
I am very afraid of changes to be done to the menu over time and do not want to have to update 100 pages anytime there’s a new entry in one of the menus.
Is there anyway to do it with CSS, so that the menu content is actually inside the css file? Or perhaps with DHTML so there’s a css and a js file
My knowledge of Flash and PHP is lacking, this is my main stopping point before doing a lot of web design for Sport NS

Keeping on the work subject, the website for the 2014 Commonwealth Games bid of 2014 is up. Here. It’s a really big deal, and yet I have no idea about our chances. Halifax should have a pretty decent idea of the future of sport and recreation in the city by the end of the year. It could be huge. maybe even enough to change my path

I have a bunch of crazy stuff to post about blogging and journalism sometime, but I need to get up and go to the Leafs game now. It’s something to do…


This is where the world drops off

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on my way to work this morning, a kid ran out in traffic and almost got hit by a car. his mom screamed and was able to haul him back. I was standing at the light on the other side of the street, the guy behind me said “that was a close one.” I guess the definition of a close one is when your mom hugs you and holds you close afterwards instead of yelling at you.

I went curling last night. We lost. But it was perfect. I did alright, I made some shots I was proud of. It’s just nice to have that as a distraction. I mean, my mind runs rampant while I’m on autopilot at work and as much as going out and imbibing clears the head, there’s also the fog that comes with it. To just go out and let everything go on the ice, for three hours, all I cared about was whether or not I would ever learn how to throw draw weight.

I came home and I did some writing and now the huge project I was chairing for HF is almost done. Then I can get back to covering the Ducks and saving my hide at Hockey’s Future. Hockey is really exciting now that it is back, but the Ducks keep on losing. Slowly, I’m turning Blue and White. But don’t tell anyone that.

The HRM council voted last night to support Halifax’s bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. I’m outside of the hub of activity that is the bid process, but this continues to be a big deal here. If we get the Games…everything could change.

Oh and for Halloween, I’m thinking I’ll be Kevin
From Sin City


Tomorrow never knows what it doesn’t know too soon

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I’ve been busy, and that’s interrupting my usual posting and meanderings and ponderings and so on. Right now, I’m squeezing in these words while at work, on lunch, looking at my soup I bought downstairs. The soup is a bizarre grey-green color that is quite similar in color to my jacket. I haven’t tasted it yet, but I hope it tastes better then it looks.

I realised in the elevator that everyday at work is just a blur. Work isn’t the show, it’s just the intermission, the break between evenings. A cacophony of sounds repeated five times a week. Up the stairs, unlock the door, computer whir, server whir, tape eject, spam emails, phone ring, elevator ding, type, type, down the stairs, up the stairs, tea, type, phone ring, lunch, phone ring, type, type, talk, talk, down the stairs, up the stairs, lock the door, down the stairs. It’s all the same, if my life was a film, that would all be shown in a 30 second gap of mashed together scenes and sounds. Nothing in focus, all action and movement. A day of work compressed into half a minute. I have a meeting everyday this week.

The evenings are just as busy, but much more fun. I’m a converted Leafs fan, so that covers Monday, Thursday and Saturday night. I now curl on Tuesday nights (tommorrow is my first game). Wednesday will be catching up with things in my house a bit, but I’ll also be hanging out with Josh. I need to get some milk and a lock, perhaps today after work, before the hockey game.

When I am in fact home, I’m still busy with things to keep my life going. Sunday, despite also coming into work for an hour and some change, was taken up by laundry and dishes, letter writing and HF writing. I still have more writing to do, but no time.

Don’t read this as a lament, I’m having the time of my life. I prefer to do something every waking minute then a simple plod. In fact, if nothing more, work has become quite similar to what is was when I was a Shell Boy, a break to reflect, everything else being automatic while my mind is elsewhere.

I think it’s funny, because as much as I don’t have much time to write, most of the blogs on the sidebar are in similar situation. Zach Braff has posted twice in like the past year, Jeff from A View from Underneath suffers a similar problem as me, work and life coming first, Wil Wheaton is on a temporary blog while his is FUBAR, Blake Ross is seldom, Dan from Amidst a Tangled Web has gone back to school and is focusing on that.

It’s not like I don’t have much to post. There’s a lot of cool stuff out there. I wish I was half as informed as I was back in the days of the website. I don’t have time to keep up with the news and I don’t want to be a 13-year old girl and just post about my day.

I think I broke my toe yesterday, I jammed my baby toe in the door and now it’s all sorts of colors (mainly dark ones and unfriendly) and throbbing in my shoe. It’s hard to get compassion when your boo boo is on your baby toe.

Anyway, read this post from Rick Mercer’s blog. Mercer is the closest thing we have to a Jon Stewart and I really like his opinion on the military. He doesn’t really get into it too much here, but someday I’ll post about it. It’s odd, Mercer isn’t a journalist, but he is. Ahh the fake news media stars.

Also, if anyone really wants to see cool stuff, just look at BoingBoing and Yummy Wakame and Zyca and Chapel Perilous. Those are the coolest places I read daily. is down again. I haven’t read Raymi or Tom Green or Dave Barry or Mark Cuban in years. I need new blogs, but that takes time to find and read.

This soup isn’t too bad, once you get over the fact it looks like cement.


It was a rock lobster.

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Just wanted to pass this along for anyone with some time and an affinity for cool. is my new favorite site thanks to Yummy Wakame.

A Ninja Pays Half My Rent

Kitchen Sink (Disturbing)


Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers

All are decent, all are stolen from Yummy Wakame, check out


Please don’t say we’ll never find a way

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When I was home, the wisest man I know told me not to talk about work with the people I care about. I haven’t been able to completely adhere to that before or since I received this advice, but I’m trying. I am desperately trying to have two Kevins. Work Kevin and Life Kevin. Just so when I close the door of my office, it ends.

Obviously this is all coming out because the weight of work has been getting to me. Quite simply there’s a lot to do and I’m lacking the motivation to get it done. However, today in about an hour and a half of focused work, I basically finished the project I’ve been working on forever. The project is to be used to print the cheques for Kidsport. Kidsport is a fund that provides money for equipment and registration so under privleged kids can have the opportunity to participate in sports.

Today was the first time I saw a real example of Kidsport and its importance. There was a woman in dropping off an application and she just kept saying thank you and was simply so overwhelmed by the fact that money existed to give her kids these opportunities. It’s hard to describe, hard to pin down the situation with words, she was just so sincere and appreciative.

My work is rewarding. In the same day that I finished my project, I saw with my own eyes what makes it so worthwhile.

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