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The truth that proves it’s beautiful to lie

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I have a baked potato slowly rotating in the microwave.

We won our curling game. It was a close game and it was a lot of fun. About halfway through, I just stopped and thought, wow it feels like I’ve been curling forever and I’m really liking this. I felt really good and so I curled really well and I loved every minute of it. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but it was just fun. Even sitting upstairs after the game, everyone just talking about hockey and curling, it struck me that there was no where else I wanted to be.

Chris made a comment a couple posts back about bills that weren’t passed because of the government falling. Here’s a couple more bills that failed to see the light of day. Link.

Anyway, baked potato done and Daily Show on soon.


Is the evil you know really better?

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Consider this:

It’s the Holiday time and the office Christmas party is coming up. There’s this girl that you’ve always been hanging out with and you’re thinking about asking her to go. You get along really well with her and find most of your viewpoints to be similar. But she’s also done you wrong. It’s not worth getting into, but she’s hurt you and you’re not sure if you can trust her. You don’t want her to take for granted that you still will invite her to parties no matter how much pain she causes. Her favorite color is red.
So there’s these other two girls. One’s a little loopy, but fun. It would never be anything serious, but you respect her because she really believes in what she stands for. It’s all pie in the sky dreaming, but you wish one day you could see the world through her sunglasses. Her favorite color is orange.
The third girl is a little odd. She’s kinda changed over the years and become withdrawn. You thought you once knew her but now everything’s confused. You think that there’s the chance there’s still a good person inside of her, but you’re not sure if you want to take that risk. She seems to have views and opinions that would lead you to always fight and ultimately end up in sadness. Her favorite color is blue.

So do you stick with what you know, despite the problems or go for a new girl in your life?

After one day, that’s how I feel about the election.


I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it.

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This story caught my eye. Apparently it’s not normal call centre fodder, it’s real tech jobs, starting wages at about 50k, to begin in a year’s time and continue for the next five years. Very interesting. I have a college technical diploma. I’m young and stupid and willing to change careers.
The main thing that has me pondering is that RIM is currently involved in a huge legal battle in the States as well as suffering delays in their UK operations. If this Dartmouth based tech centre does open up, it could be huge, a great development for Nova Scotia and possibly attract other tech firms to the Maritimes, meaning more job possibilities for guys like me.

Do yourself a favour today and google Jack Handy and Deep Thoughts. It’s funny, a la Mitch Hedberg. You’ll smile, I’ll be happy for making you smile, everyone wins, except for the Wright Brothers, who really should be cursed at.

Tonight the government of Canada falls. On the weekend, I went to a party and discussed politics. It turns out that one of the guys there was a big Liberal kid and so he was saying something about a poll done by some Ontario University showed it was practically impossible for the Liberals to not have a majority government. I argued, stating the Conservatives will run a better campaign then last year (which they will, because even if I was their campaign manager, it would be a better campaign) and I said it would be a Liberal Minority once again, with the NDP being the big losers. He then said some Ontario University did a poll that showed it was practically impossible for the Liberals to not have a majority government. I decided that his Grit programming disc was skipping and stopped talking.
My beliefs are left leaning, don’t get me wrong, but apparently ignorance can be colored red as well. My faith in humanity was resolved today when I had an off the cuff discussion with a bunch of co-workers about religion and politics. It basically ended with everyone agreeing. Hurray!

No hell below us, above us only sky

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A weekend worthy of pause.

I wanted to start touching on the mass amount of subject material for posts. There’s a ton of Hockey’s Future work to do. Web design too. All the stuff I keep referring to and yet never doing. Thankfully, being a working stiff doesn’t have finals or paper. If there’s one thing I like, it’s the idea of no homework, but that definitely has made me lazier then before.

I watched Marek Malik’s shootout winner after 15 rounds. He sticks the puck between his legs and roofs it. One of the more spectacular plays I’ve seen. It beats Jason Spezza’s overtime winner against the Habbies.

I had the winning bid on an Aki Berg game worn jersey for a whole day before the auction closed. Now I’ve lost that bid and there are no longer any jerseys I want within my price range. Who knew there would be people willing to pay 300 bucks for Chris Kunitz, Michael Holmqvist and Jonathan Hedstrom?

I watched a super exciting Grey Cup. Eskimos won, which is nice, because I was cheering for them. It was back and forth all during the second end and then it went to overtime. Very exciting game.

this whole post is stupid and uninteresting to me, so i will end it here


Consider the hourglass…

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Grey skies today. I probably should have shaved.

I saw Jarhead last night.
It tries to be the Apocalypse Now of the Gulf War. Even down to being based on a book and having the main character going crazy. They even play on this by having the Marines watch Apocalypse Now and singing along to the beat of the Ride of the Valkyries during the helicopter scene. Later in the film, the lead character (Jake Gyllenhaal) laments the fact there is a helicopter playing the Doors. “That’s Vietnam music… can’t we get our own music?”
It was good film. I enjoyed it.

Sort of on that same tangent, I want to draw you attention to Matt Good’s blog.
On the 22nd of November, a comment was posted for this entry. Apparently, the comment was by a suicidal soldier who served in Iraq. Through the action of Matt Good and some of the people who frequent his site, they were able to track this guy down and get him help. It’s all detailed in this post.
Edit: To continue the above story, this post was made yesterday. An incredible story of humanity continues to grow more touching.

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