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On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: …..a beer

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Merry Christmas everyone.

The Hoser Twelved Days of Christmas

I just want to go home


Journalists can’t afford to dream

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I don’t know how much blogging I’ll get done from here until next year.

This week, I’m busy with work and finishing up a variety of things here and then on Saturday I go home for a week (maybe?) and I don’t expect to have much (if any) computer access.

Also: Children enjoy fantasy not to escape from reality, but to actually experience reality. link rocks.


Amen for a good stiff drink

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Quite the weekend.

Christmas party on Friday, was smashed and came home at 7pm. Woke up at 1130pm and almost went out again. It would have been a hardcore notch in revelry, but I also would have no doubt died.

Saturday, I went gambling with Matt (won 5 bucks on blackjack and 7 on slots, a bonus, but still), had coffee with Mel, watched the Leafs game with Matt, getting loaded on two dollar draft at Peddlers. Somehow, there were all these CEHL guys there and we hung out with them. On my way home, this group of people in line at the Pogue grabbed me, so I stood in line with Joanne from Newfoundland, until they decided to go to Cheers, and then I realised that I didn’t know these people and wanted to go home.

Today, Murf and I went to the Mooseheads game, then were going to go the Midtown for steak afterwards. But the Midtown was closed, so we went to Maxwell’s Plum. Steak and beer.

So yeah, it was good weekend.

My pomemgranate is gross.

There’s a mural in front of Lawtons on Spring Garden.

I saw this girl jump into a bus shelter and grab a guy (I’m guessing her boyfriend) and kiss him with such a passion that the old lady walking beside stopped and stared.


I know but I’d like to change that soon

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I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while now, just following up stuff from the weekend.

First off, Colleen Jones bothers me.
Back when the nude curling calendar (hardly nude and hardly decent) first hit the news wires, Jones was quoted as saying that women might resort to curling nude just to get some recognition.
Then she said during the Curling Trials that it’s a shame that the women’s circuit here in the Maritimes hasn’t taken off like the men’s circuit had (Adams, Dacey, Gushue, Howard).
What bothers me? Colleen Jones followed up the above comment from the Trials by saying her rink has competed mainly in men’s bonspiels this season, because the competition level isn’t enough for her in women’s spiels. The team (understandably) cannot journey west of Ontario every weekend for a tournament, where all the big money is, but it opens up another problem. You have arguably the game’s top female team on one hand complaining that the sport needs to develop for women but on the other hand, turning their back on developing the women’s side of thing and competing in men’s tournaments.
Obviously, you gotta look out for yourself, but it would be a lot more admirable if Jones focused just as hard on developing the sport here in the Maritimes for future generations, especially with whispers that she’s on the downslope of a historic curling career.

Also during the weekend of the Trials, Dad and I went to RCMP HQ for a second. It was interesting, the pay for members is going up and a three year constable could make around 70 grand a year. That would require laser eye surgery, which is about 3000 bucks, but might be more because of my astigmatism.

Anyway, the whole Curling Trials experience was good. I got to hang out with Manders and Terri as a result. Talked extensively with Terri on Thursday morning, which was really good. Two days off work is also a bonus.
The best part was a whole bonding thing with Dad. With me up here and him busy with the new job, there’s been a bit of gap there for a bit. I think that might have motivated the buying of the tickets in the first place. It was a good weekend, and I had a lot of fun. Watching curling, drinking beers in the Patch, just hanging out. It was good.

I had to call my landlord because he wanted to know what I was doing for christmas break
maybe he wants me, despite the fact he’s married and travels the world with his wife working for the world bank, like some international man of mystery
unless of course he is a spy and his asking about my whereabouts during the holidays was part of his test to bring me into the top secret ranks. I must have failed the interview.
Anyways, he said about the heat here in the apartment and I nearly choked in his ear. Apparently the crazy cat lady who I share the bathroom with, told my landlord that it was extremely hot down here in the cellar and I must be burning up. Meanwhile, all weekend, Dad and I made jokes about the draft coming through my only window and now I have a little space heater. I’ve been finding myself staying away from my computer, which is under the window and huddling on my couch trying to preserve body heat. That’s only half sarcasm. Regardless, if she says it’s warm down here, don’t be alarmed if I become the next Minnesota Iceman.
While I was talking to my landlord, I took the opportunity to ask who was responsible to shovel the front walk and steps of our place. Apparently, it’s the maintenance man, but because he doesn’t live nearby, it takes some time for him to come over and get it done. My landlord said if it’s a problem, he would buy a shovel and pay me to do it….

Ten minutes before you got here I was gonna jump too

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This could be huge.

Halifax is Canada’s bid city for the Commonwealth Games in 2014. The office was hopping after the announcement was made and it’s still no sunk in. if if IF
Now Halifax will face off with Glasgow, Scotland and Abuja, Nigeria for hosting the games. The Decision will be made in November 2007. It is possible that other candidates might emerge, they have until May 2007.
There’s speculation that the facility in Shannon Park might go ahead even if the 2007 bid isn’t successful.
Handicapping the competition, Glasgow initially looks somewhat doubtful because Manchester hosted the games in 2002. Canada hasn’t hosted since 1994.
Meanwhile, Abuja has excellent chances. They have the support of South Africa and would be the first games to be held in Africa. The games would also go along with the 100th anniversary of the unification of the Southern and Northern parts of the country. The President of Nigeria is also the outgoing Chairperson of the Commonwealth. However, when Nigeria hosted the All Africa Games in 2003, it was a disorangized affair.
These next few years will be very interesting for the development of sport not only in Halifax and Nova Scotia, but in Canada as well. If a stadium is built, it’s likely the CFL will be soon to follow. But with just eight home games a year, a CFL franchaise won’t cover the costs. The offices will probably move into the facilities as well, which means, for me, a new network and server, however, it’s likely I won’t be around to see it.
This could change a lot for Nova Scotia and Halifax. It will be interesting to see where we go from here.

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