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What goes up must come down

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So…uh…works suck…I’m thinking I should develop a drinking problem. But yeah, I wanted this or something, I was itching for a challenge.
Anyway, to unwind I bought stuff (2 CDs, 2 DVDs and 2 Books) and then came home to drink beer and watch Office Space.

Oh, so yeah, I’ve been rather bitter and cranky lately.

Anyway, I hate American Idol and how people think it’s relevant. One of the judges (the one who isn’t Simon, and isn’t sleeping with contestants…Paula Abdul) was on the Daily Show and the only redeeming point was when Jon Stewart said he doesn’t really watch the show. Sadly, it was serious enough to be believeable. Is there anyway to stop this beast?

Speaking of beasts, CTV basically upsets me. Ok, so they’re having a show on Saturday called the Next Great Prime Minister. They have five finalists who are going to be judged by Turner, Clark, Mulroney and Campbell and win fame and fortune. Ok, let’s ignore the fact that none of these ex-Prime Ministers doing the judging are great. Also let’s ignore the fact that other then Mulroney, none of these ex-Prime Ministers had time to even hang a picture of themselves before getting the boot.
I know, I just know that CTV is going to fluff this up. It’s going to be terrible. Instead of having political commentary it’ll be fluff. How do I know this? Today they did a promo for it, Ben Mulroney interviewing the Prime Ministers on what they look for (having Kim Campbell talk about leadership and guiding a country was priceless). Anyway, it took 30 seconds before the conversation degenerated into a conversation about Ben Mulroney’s hair and whether or not all of them (including Daddy-o) thought he should need a haircut. See, that’s what CTV has become, seriously. They have their E-Talk Daily and Canada AM and it’s all fluff. Is it completely out of the question to ask for decent political commentary?

Maybe I’m just tired.


Hallelujah for sleeping pills

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Work has been insane and appears that it will continue like that for the extent of this week.
I have this desperate desire to take a vacation or get away somehow. It’s hard to believe that Christmas break was a month away.
Mom and Dad come back on Friday, maybe I can go home for a weekend sometime in February.
Groundhog Day is coming, who wants to watch the movie?

Just need this week to catch up, get everything done, then I can rest.


I wish I was special, so fuckin’ special

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I know it’s foolish, but every week, every Thursday, I get the Coast and the first thing I read is my horoscope.
I shouldn’t believe it and I know I shouldn’t get all antsy about it, but…

I understand it, but which ogre and which treasure? And can I really give that up this easily.

anyway, ignore that

This is funny.


i don’t like talking about work

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today I absotively killed in a presentation I had to do to about 100 people all tied up with Health promotion in Nova Scotia. It’s all boring and dull, and I was there all day, but I’m pretty damn happy with myself

so tonight, I’m just chilling out

there’s a thing on the History channel about Auschwitz, then there’s a Ducks game on TSN…score

This is pretty much awesome. – Alberto Gonzales spoke before law students at Georgetown today, justifying illegal, unauthorized surveilance of US citizens, but during the course of his speech the students in class did something pretty ballsy and brave. They got up from their seats and turned their backs to him. Additional students came into the room, wearing black cowls and carrying a simple banner, written on a sheet.


Darcy Mcgee? How obscure…

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Well, by now we all know what happened with the election. This won’t change a large number of things in my life. I voted Liberal and the NDP candidate won for my region.

Out next election won’t have Paul Martin, as I figured. It will also be the litmus test of Harper, whether it is the Tories dropping the writ to gain more seats or the opposition forcing a new election. Hopefully it lasts at least 18 months. Frank McKenna has already been named by local news as a leading guy to replace Martin. I find that funny. Not because of him personally, but…it’s complicated and I don’t have the desire to delve into that mess.
Layton’s happy, because you know he’s totally going to be making out with his wife in the House of Commons. It’s the moustache, chicks dig the moustache.

I was happy to see Gerald Keddy get back in for the South Shore, also to see Anne McLellan lose, just because I don’t care for her that much. CBC made me laugh last night when in the midst of the election coverage, they debated for like five minutes about the proper way to refer to Marc Garneau’s status as the first Canadian astronaut. Someone said he was the first Canadian to walk in space, which another argued is incorrect. Garneau lost to the BQ member in his riding, ensuring such important conversation would never have to reach the House.
Unlike most of the Chicken Little’s out there, I’m interested to see what a Conservative government can provide before instantly denouncing them all as kitten eating Satanists and Harper as Canada’s George Bush. Those who make snap judgements…well…you should all know better.

Something else that made me guffaw is everyone going all nuts with their MSN names, telling people to vote. Turnout was up this year, but personally, as a casual observer, I’d rather intelligent choices versus number of ballots. You start pushing everyone to vote and you end up with situations like this.

Today, I read a really good Maclean’s magazine article on the voter numbers, while I was at the doctor’s office. Basically the general idea was that as younger voters become apathetic towards voting, the average age of voters increases, thus the political parties have to pander to the older crowd, because they’re the larger group of voters. Pandering to the older crowd alienates more younger voters, continuing the cycle. Look at the leaders of the political parties, they’re all old, white guys. This has more to do with representing the face of the main voter populace. Anyway, interesting and it’s a trend that probably won’t stop anytime soon.

I went to the Grawood with Terri and her friends to watch the coverage. We played trivia and won three pitchers of beer. By the time, Ontario and Quebec results were coming in, everyone had gone off with their own people, and since I only knew Terri, I got perturbed and left.
I had quite a few drinks in me and had a great time throwing snowballs at election signs on my walk back to my home.

I got interviewed by the Gazette, which is Dal’s newspaper. I find that funny, because I don’t go to Dal and I’m sure that the person who interviewed me thought I was a Dal student.
Hillary was there and by the time I actually talked to her, both her and I were pretty loaded. So then today, all the stupid neurones in my head were like, you should call her, y’know just to see how she’s doing. Luckily, smart neurones prevailed and I forgot my cell phone in its charger. Twice.

I went curling today. I won game number one, skipping a team of new curlers. That made me happy, because I got to help people learn the game. Then we played the second game and won that one too. So yay curling.

Anyway, I’ve been pretty bummed lately, mainly just today, and I haven’t really been able to put my finger on it. I’ve been actually working hard at work and getting a lot of things done, but I feel all frustrated and so on. Thankfully, I’ve nailed down the cuase. January 24th is mathematically the worst day of the year. So it’s not just me.

Tommorrow, I have a huge ass presentation to do to members of the provincial government. I have to wear a tie, but at least they provide lunch. I like lunch. I don’t like presentations, followed by a morning of sitting listening to Systems Analysis class all over again.

Finally, congrats to my sister, Amy. She passed the PARE portion of the RCMP application. Mom and Dad are on a cruise down south with my grandparents, but they’d be super happy if they knew too. Congrats!

Oh, and one last thing: I think Murf’s irritation IS justified and that anyone who thinks for some reason they’re protecting him needs to spend less time looking down their nose at those around them and more time just hanging out. Now everyone mess off and piss into the wind.

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