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The spider web is tangled up with me

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What happens when I misrepresent myself?

I’m not that old. Shockingly young actually.

To say I work in marketing is a stretch. Although less of one then saying I’m a drummer or that I went to high school in Cape Breton.

And then I wonder why I come off like an ass.


Back to this thing called life

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So I’m back from Moncton,

what a wild time. There’s plenty to reflect on in due course. The whole thing was a huge learning experience. I wrote something I’m really proud of, an article on Steve Downie, one of the Peterborough players. If you’re interested, you can check that out here. I have two interviews to transcribe and two articles to write up before I am officially done with the Memorial Cup fallout. Also some other writing. I’ve already done seven articles. I guess my bout with writer’s block is over.

Today, I was fortunate enough to have the foresight to take the day off, so I was able to do laundry, get groceries, sign the lease for my new apartment and generally hang around. I stopped in at work, to just say hello and someone commented that I looked relaxed, and I think I am. I slept well in Moncton, but it’s more then that. I’m feeling pretty energized.

That being said, I need to prep my laptop for tomorrow, charge up my Palm, and clean up my room. More soon.


Quick note from Moncton

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Just sitting in the Media Centre at Moncton killing some time.
Our access has been incredible and this has been a huge deal for my writing. Anyone we want to talk to, we get to talk to.
It’s tough, because it’s like a job now and I feel like I’m so far away. I wish there was someone around I knew. I’ve been calling/emailing my folks regularly.
If any of you see me on MSN, gimme a shout.


  • The weather has either been rainy, about to rain or just stopped raining. Moncton is like London without the sights.
  • Anyone know that Nike Hockey commercial with Martin St. Louis where it shows the water in a bottle of water ripple from the cheering of the crowd? My water bottle is doing that now. Moncton fans have passion.
  • Sitting in the media centre and someone just dropped a Napolean Dynamite quote. Awesome.
  • During Giants game, Pat Quinn (a minority owner of the Giants) sits about 3 seats from me. During the intermission, fans toss hats and shirts up into the press box for him to sign. Everyone looks up with almost religious adulation at Quinn. As I mentioned to him later (yeah..yeah..), it’s a good thing he doesn’t have a book.
  • Very fiery Patrick Roy press conference. I still don’t understand the French media here. They are sly, not attacking directly, but manipulating everyone. They both worship and crucify Patrick. Often in both languages and often at the same time. Roy picked a fight with a Moncton anglophone reporter. Afterwards, the reporter was fuming.
  • Some “celebrities” spotted so far: The Premier of New Brunswick, Russ Howard, Colleen Jones, Jared Staal (the youngest Staal brother), Gino Odjick, Steve Bernier, Bob Nicholson (Head of Hockey Canada), Steve Murphy, Starr Dobson, Brent Sutter
  • Pat Quinn called Glen and I “the boys”. That’s right, we’re Pat Quinn’s boys.
  • Here’s a cruel reminder of the volatility of the NHL. J.F. Damphousse was once a hot to trot future starting goaltender for the New Jersey Devils. A first round pick, even when he played for Anaheim he was expected to push Giguere for starts. Things just never worked out and now he’s here at the Coliseum draping Thunder Stix over seats before game time.
  • I’ll only say this once. There’s some good looking ladies in Moncton
  • 15.5.2006

    A one way ticket to a place I don’t know

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    There’s a tree at Public Gardens that was planted by an elementary school in 1898. Even if the schoolchildren were 4 or 5 at the time, it’s unlikely that any of them are still around. The idea of something natural yet man made that exists beyond your own time is interesting. I wonder if the little maple tree that was in front of our house in Yarmouth will ever be taller then the house.

    The soccer team I would be playing for at the end of the month disbanded. Half the team moved up to the Premier league and the rest of us are SOL. Shit. I only spent about $150 bucks on gear. I might get picked up by another team, but still.

    I went to the mall on Friday and spent a lot of money. I got a cool Digital Voice Recorder, a couple books and some clothes. I spent a lot of money.

    I have an apartment (potentially) starting in August. A one bedroom, a balcony, looks towards the water. Really looking forward to that.

    The Sport Awards were on Saturday. I wore a suit and looked snazzy. Hanging out with people from work is actually pretty decent.

    Last week was busy. This week will be busy as well. I go to Moncton on Friday for 10 days of the Memorial Cup and hopefully to recapture some of my motivation to write. Before I go, I have two articles and 3 player profiles to complete. It’s a marathon. June will be nice, hopefully.


    Drunk Monkeys?

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    They’re just like us!

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