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It’s okay to be their disappointment baby

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Just a bunch of random things to post about.

First off, I’m really looking forward to the weekend. Chris and Ryan will be around. Ryan will be staying and then Chris will be up here for good at the the end of July. Chris wants to see the Al Gore movie on Global Warming and I want to see Superman Returns.

In the end, I think the two movies are related (bear with me here, I’m more discombobulated than usual). Ok, think of Al Gore as Jor El. He’s a scientist on a planet where everything seems to be going pretty decent. But he finds out that his world is doomed. In a panic, Jor El trys to inform that people of Krypton, but to no avail. The world is destroyed and everyone is sad.
Thankfully for the story (Superman would basically be the worst comic ever if it ended there), Jor El builds a rocket and sends Kal El, his first born son away to survive somewhere else. Then, yadda yadda yadda, Kal El grows up to become Clark Kent and on evenings and weekends, he puts on tights and underwear on the outside of his pants and dares people to cause trouble.
So basically, I would be very concerned if Al Gore starts building a rocket to send his son (Al Gore III) into space.

Anyway, so quick things:

Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world has donated 37 BILLION dollars to charity. He’s worth about 44 Billion, so I guess he has some money to spare. The money will go to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which already has about 29 Billion in assets.
Earlier, Bill Gates announced he was going to step down from his position at Microsoft to work more with the Foundation.
This whole wave of philanthropy is inspiring. So much so, that even Jackie Chan is getting in on the action. Donating money when you’re filthy rich is cool.

Andrew sent me this link for apparently Genetic Engineered Hybrid Pets. It prompted the same reaction from both him and I = “what the fuck!”
So doing some research, we found it was an art project done by Adam Brandejs, a Canadian artist. It was also covered on Snopes.
The Genpets were little robots to simulate living creatures and actually put on display in Toronto. The effect was no doubt unnerving. Especially when you consider the big dangers with robots these days.
Interesting enough, another one of Brandejs’ projects was a twitching shoe of flesh.

And to close,
here’s a scam pulled on one of those guys who email you to try to scam you.


In violent light

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I’ve been getting annoyed with Halifax, maybe without reason.

First off, it was a few threads on the Halifax Locals board about what people didn’t like about the city. The usual complaints (and surprising statistics) about the cost of living here, the lack of jobs/opportunity and the fact that any person should make some sort of an attempt to see the world before settling in any one location. However also mentioned was the violence.

This was something also highlighted in the Coast last week. Halifax placed at the top of the Canadian rankings for most incidents of violence per capita among major cities in the country. It talked a lot about the swarmings, random jumpings etc.

On Saturday, Murf and I went out to the Attic. After the show, a guy that Murf knows got jumped at the Commons. Soon enough, Locals had another thread about the Commons and being jumped there.

On Sunday, I was coming back from Dartmouth on the bus, we just pass Scotia Square and this guy beside me gets up to get off the bus. Instead of pulling the little bell cord at the seat, he walks up the alley a bit, while the bus is moving and elbows this elderly guy in the face as he reaches for the cord. Elbows him hard. If I had to bet, it looked intentional. The guy definitely led with his elbow, like Domi on Niedermayer. He reached for the cord at his seat and thought better of it and cheap shot some tourist. On the bus. In broad daylight.
My only hope is that it was just an accident and not some cruel sadist.

I got into an argument with my sister about this because it frustrates me.
Police have their hands tied by idiotic laws (made more ass backwards every day) and there are (what could be valid) complaints that they’re not doing their job even when they could be.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have nothing happen to me yet. But to hear about all this stuff at the same time, it’s alarming.
I’m no hero. On the bus, the guy just jumped off after elbowing the tourist. No one really said anything.

Is the city going down the tubes or am I just starting to open my eyes a bit wider?


yeah…but Tom Cruise is cool

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Interesting link I found on Scientology.

Click here.

Oh and check out North Korea! Book your tickets now…

one of these days, i’ll write again

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Well over there, there’s friends of mine
What can I say? I’ve known ’em for a long long time
And yeah they might overstep the line
But I just cannot get angry in the same way

In a single image, THIS describes my weekend.

Yes, K-Murf was great.
Murf gave an accurate play by play of events here. Some dude wanted to beat me up at the Alehouse and I had like two dozen people with me. Plus the Alehouse is my bar, so who do you think they’re going to kick out?

It was awesome to see each other and hopefully we’ll be able to pull off something like this again. In the more near future, I’m stoked about Ryan and Chris being up here for at least part of the summer. I should get some pictures back within a week or so and I’ll put them on my MSN Space or something.

Also, I’m going to make commerative t-shirts because I’m lame like that and have a lot of iron-ons. So those should be done in a month or so.

Anyways, thanks for those who came out and I hope you all had as much fun as I did. It’s kinda nice to see who cares for you.

Before and ever since K-Murf, a punch to the groin basically describes my life.
Work has been hard on me and although Moncton was an awesome time, it was also difficult.

When I first came back from the Memorial Cup, I pretended that it would re-open all the questions from last year this time. What would I do with my life? Where am I going? Feeling like a failure at the same time as feeling like a success.

I’m not sure where my path will ever take me. But I think that was reaching. Trying to find some sort of deeper meaning, something important to attach to ever moment in my life.

I liked my trip to Moncton. I like the hubbub, the players, the interviews, the games, the press room, the seat, the whole thing. I was good at it, I enjoyed it, it was a great experience.

At the same time I hated it. It was stale. It always felt like there could be more. It wasn’t enough, it was a pain. It wasn’t complete. It didn’t matter. There’s a larger picture out that just wasn’t touched at all.

It’s fair to say that Moncton was able to satisfy a huge part of me. But the writing block continues even now and I have two articles to do before the end of the week.



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Alright as most of you probably already know, Murf and I share a birthday and that birthday is this Saturday. We’re having a drunken bash, something I’m calling K-Murf, Murf’s calling “I don’t care, just get me drunk” and it also could be called the beginning of summer.
Anyways, the plan has changed slightly from the start of this idea, so this is what’s what.

On Saturday, we’ll be hitting the Split Crow for Power Hour (dependant on Murf’s parents, who will be around, we go as soon as they go, because Murf said so).
Then we’re going to shoot for the Brewery Tour at Keith’s Brewery (calling today to get those details, this will probably be 6pm or 630pm on Saturday)
Then we’re going for food somewhere, probably Pitcher & Wings deal at the Alehouse.
Then it seems we’re all going to Murf’s to watch Game 6 (Go Oil!), probably ordering pizza or something. Murf has a BBQ, so there’s an idea as well.
Then it gets kinda fuzzy.

Obviously the hockey game throws a bit of a twist into the plans, but not significantly. We need cooler boxes and ice and also everyone needs to bring something to drink.
There was requests for shirts and if you can provide the shirt, I have the iron-on stuff.
Any other details, give me a shout. There seems to be lots of beds/couches/floors for people to crash on if needed.

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