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Is it a crime to admit I feel less and less excited about the Rolling Stones. Tickets went on sale today and I don’t see anything worth my 100 bucks. I’ll change my tune if the Hip, Sloan or maybe the Trews sign up (all rumoured), but as for now….meh. I’d rather see a hockey game. Who knows, maybe, like last year, I’ll end up with a free ticket and go.

These last few weeks have been interesting to say the least. I really missed out on recapping a lot of it, so here goes:

Wilco – I am glad I went. I was bugging about the fact that it all didn’t work out as planned. But in the end it was all worthwhile. Although I still feel that Sloan/Slowcoaster show at Reflections during the Junos is the best show I’ve ever seen, Wilco is now a close second.

Buster Keaton shows during Jazz Fest – I was excited to see this. Unfortunately, the first night was solely Chaplin and I sat beside a woman who insisted on reading all the captions on the screen (being a silent movie and all) to her daughter. So that was a little annoying. The second night was the Navigator, a Keaton movie that they tried to play off of a computer and a projector, causing it to freeze 20 minutes in. Awesome. Anyway, alls well that ends well.

I also saw Clerks 2, which is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen, at least this year.

Finally, there was the Clinton talk last week. It was really good, more about international relations and global community then just Canada/US relations but in the end that point seemed the most reinforced. Canada and the US are a partnership and as “cool” as it is for many people to slag on the States, as the dominant superpower in the world, they’re forced into a number of the decisions they make in terms of foreign policy. They’ve made some mistakes for sure, but who hasn’t.

The discussion went from UN reform, to the problems in Lebanon and Israel to Iraq to Afghanistan to the power of the Internet. It was really interesting.


I don’t force my views on you…

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So there’s three posters on the front of my house for this.

They’ve been put up (apparently) by my fellow housemates.

Now it’s cool and stuff that they want to be involved and they are actually politically knowledgeable, but I just wish a little courtesy was given. I’m not prepared to wade into this big ordeal with Israel and Palestine and Lebanon and Syria etc etc. But it bothers me that there’s political signs on my residence that I had no say in. It would be the same way if they put a NDP sign on our front lawn. I live here too (albeit for two more weeks), I pay rent….

I’m not going to say anything or bring it up, because I’m out of here soon enough and I don’t want to start anything. That isn’t me and I would feel very uncomfortable to have a heated political discussion with them. I freely admit I’m not expert on Israel and the area, but I do know the situation is a bit less black and white and it’s not as simple as saying “these people are the bad guys” and “these people have done nothing wrong”. Innocents are dying on both sides of the border.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the sign was in one of their windows. Hell I had no problem when it was just one sign by the door. But there’s three now, one by the door and two on the posts at the bottom of the stairs.

whatever I guess



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Quick link:

Dave Chappelle’s 11 greatest skits


The heavy weight of heading home

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I went home last weekend and heard a foolish story of a local car dealership, let’s call it Hutchingson’s that sells Crystals, Dredges and Pont D’Attacks and them refusing to service one of those brand of vehicles if it was purchased at another dealership (even if it was the same brand).

Now Shelburne’s auto industry is hardly booming, Motor Mart has already pulled out, leaving just two of the Big Three. Hondas have started to being brought in and parked at a mall parking lot every now and then in hopes that they sell.

So when Hutchingson’s doesn’t stock a particular Crystal and forces a customer out of the area to get the product they want, what do they really benefit from refusing to service that vehicle that they couldn’t provide.

They’re only losing service and there isn’t enough people in the town to begin alienating present and future customers.

It reminds me a bit of the skate park battle, when a local hardware store, “Carpenters” was upset when we used a lower supply quote from a competitor for our presentation to the Town Council. Unable to see beyond theymselves, they refused to help us due to the simple face that for financial and feasibility reasons, we put a lower quote in a booklet in an effort to make the park more appealing and in the end get the construction approved.

How can a town grow if it is built on the backs of men so small?

The idiotic battles of the skate park basically soured the likelihood of me ever returning to that town for any length of time. There’s nothing there for me, no opportunities and the sheer foolishness that goes on makes it that much more obvious that the town is quite simply dying.

Where’s the ferry? Where’s the developments at the old base and the boy’s school? What’s to be done with the old school property? The local government (if it could ever be called that : it’s a joke to say most of what they do is governing) is part of the blame, but the whole area…it just frustrates me to watch it decay.


Kmurf fotos

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Will post some other ones later : The fountain, Snow Fort, etc


Nice Al Gore interview.

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