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Falklands war bride says Baaaa

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Hemingway’s story in six words (“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”) was once called his best work by the author. In honour of that, Wired asked some others to write a story in six words. Some of them are very intriguing:

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Can you sleep as the sound hits your ears

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Not a bad weekend. I probably slacked off too much, didn’t really do anything. But it was good. The Ducks won two hockey games and I have a sweet picture of Giguere as my desktop background.

I went to the gym today, was definitely not feeling it, but I went anyway and the ache in my arms tells me that was a good idea.

Had a bunch of guys yell obscensities at us last night outside of the bar. We walked away and then made ourselves feel tough by talking shit about them afterwards.

Saw the Liquor Store pirate in a U-Haul in front of the LC last night. I suppose it’s not something to be proud of when he recognizes us, but it’s almost comforting.

I had a dream that I was working at the Shell again. And constantly screwing up. I looked into what that meant on the Dream Dictionary, and the answer was interesting.

One of these days, I’ll post something interesting instead of just a recap of the days events.


It’s just a shot away

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So, I’ve come to the conclusion I’m a sporadic blogger at best. This isn’t college when I would post at least once a day.

Anyways, I’ve started the fitness kick again. Go me. In the last week, I’ve done the gym once, and ran twice. I did the same route each time with the run and shaved 10 minutes off it. I get lazy and don’t push myself with these things (something that can be said for most everything I do). Anyway, I’ve been inspired by a girl I work with who just ran a marathon and this blog on the Coast’s website. The guy who writes it works in my office building, so that’s kind of cool. I just need to keep it up, my plan is hit the gym tomorrow and then try to start to schedule something during the week to keep the good times going all the time. I need to figure out how to do playlists on my MP3 player and so on. Pump it up and all that jazz.

I’m going to Buffalo in a couple weeks apparently. I’ll say I have mixed feelings so then Justin can yell at me. It’s just there’s a lot of up-in-the-airedness about the whole trip, which throws me a bit off. Anyway, the plan is to travel there on Friday, see the Leafs play the Sabres Saturday night, see the Bills take on the Packers Sunday afternoon and travel back here Monday. It should be an experience to say the least.

I saw the Departed and now I have Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones stuck in my head. Great movie, I recommend it. But not to small children due to the fact that people totally get shot in the head. I’m actually upset at myself for making a joke like that when talking about the movie. It’s a really good movie, hopefully Scorsese gets an Oscar or something.

Also saw the Trailer Park Boys movie and Man of the Year. Trailer Park Boys would be an excellent ending to the series if they decided to end it. It’s just a fitting tribute to the show. Man of the Year was funny at times but lacks focus. It doesn’t know what kind of movie it wants to be. Sometime soon, I’ll rant and rave about the Daily Show.

My blinds on my patio door came down on top of me and according to the landlord, they don’t do blinds. Fizzuck. I’ve been giving the apartment building across the way a show everytime I choose to walk around in my boxers…or less.

I’ve had a bunch of awkward conversations in my building lately. Like why do people insist on talking in the elevator. Can’t we just keep quiet and look at the ceiling? Especially when what they want to do is talk about the elevator. I don’t want to be friendly all the time, especially when all I want to do is come back to my apartment and walk around in my boxers…or less.


This is what should be in the advertisements

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Join the Canadian Armed Forces



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so I’m making waffles (aka I am the awesome) and Global News is on in the background. They do a teaser for tomorrow night’s show and the big story is jealous co-workers. Apparently some statistical number of employees are jealous of their co-workers. Then they show a clip from the report. I swear to God it’s a guy standing there saying “I know I’m very good looking so I assume some of my co-workers might be jealous of that.”

If I worked with that guy, I’d punch him in the face on Monday.

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