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dreams be dreams

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So last night, I had a pretty nutty dream. For my own sake, I’ll document it here and you can all think I’m crazy and ponder what it means in your own head, eventually coming to the conclusion that I need therapy. Anyways…

I was going to a Mooseheads game, but instead of the press box, we all were sent to my grandparents family room (note for myself: it was arranged like they used to have it, with the two chairs on the far end and the TV on the other end). Anyway, so all the press/scouting folk are getting settled in and it’s very cramped and there’s this really soft shiny gold pillow that for some reason I assumed my grandmother made, sitting there and so on. I remember there’s beer there, so I remember drinking so and feeling the effects after just two beer. The game starts, but I can’t see it because the TV is in the way (naturally, because we’re sitting in the family room). I have a hard time focusing, so I’m doodling in my notebook.

I doze off and I started to dream (for the viewers at home, this means I was dreaming inside my dream, it’s scary I know). So in my dream (inside a dream), I’m in the shower, but everything’s sort of reddish maroon tinged, like the shower curtain and the carpet. I remember, I was wearing shorts and that I was trying to wake up in the shower (not wake up from the dream inside the dream, but just in general) and then I was rushing around the room trying to find my clothes to get ready to go. For some reason, I think I’m inside a video game, but I don’t understand why or how. All my clothes were in stacks on the floor, similar to what I do when I’m too lazy to put them in my dresser.

Suddenly I wake up (into the grandparents family room) and the people in the press box/family room are all like “are you ok?”. They tell me I dozed off and we all come to the conclusion that I will undoubtably have my credientials revoked and will be fired. They then encourage me to stay and watch the rest of the game (I think I can see the ice now, but maybe not). Then I wake up for real.

Now with my own use of the Dream Dictionary, I’ve interpreted this all to mean that I am uneasy about my current use of my press creds/journalistic experience to date. I don’t feel I’ve been using the games as much to my advantage as I should, and I also feel a lot of my other writing has been slipping. Basically, the next game I plan on attending is on the 29th and I really need to start using this stuff to the full potential. So yeahh


all that’s left to say is nothing at all

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So I’ve waded far and deep into the Facebook fray. Hours of searching and reading, browsing and editing. There’s now an LLTC group, bringing together 20 people who shared one of the most influential times of each of our lives. Then there’s those moments of weakness where you find yourself searching for old flames to see if they exist.

Vanessa is working at a Starbucks somewhere in Halifax. I haven’t talked to her in 10 years, since I moved away from Chester. I mentioned it to a co-worker as part of a discussion on online identity and e-trails. Apparently, the comment was misinterpreted and now my business card has been dropped off over there. Can’t wait to see how that plays out.

Sara’s at X still. I haven’t talked to her in 4 years, since I moved away from Shelburne.

The temptation is there. To add them as friends, check in, see what’s new. It’s not stalkerish, just general interest. Maybe a little creepy, but that is, of course, the world we live in. We’ve all done it, whether it’s googling someone, or checking a website.

Then I read this article:

Who hasn’t wrestled with the lure of an ex’s blog, or social networking or online dating profile? It’s too easy to reach one another — even if we’ve gone through all the steps to clear the artifacts of the relationship from our hard drives, if not our hearts.,72131-0.html?tw=wn_columns_1

In the end, some things are best left as they presently stand.


random thought

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The Fresh Prince of Bel Air would have been a more interesting show if Will would have just killed those guys causing trouble in his neighbourhood.

He could have hid out in Bel Air to escape the double homicide charges.

when I am king, you will be first against the wall

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So I just dealt with a consultant who’s in setting up some equipment for one of our member organizations and it’s likely that she probably wouldn’t have treated me the way she did if I was 10 years older. I don’t know how to describe it and I can’t really put my finger on a specific comment or action that I found was belittling, but overall, I think she saw my face and automatically lowered her opinion of me.

It’s demeaning. I mean, at times people have assumed I was a student, but never before have I had someone just blow me off. Maybe I don’t strike such an imposing figure when I walk into the room. Maybe I still get carded at the Liquor Store. Maybe I don’t have to shave everyday and am irresponsible in most sectors of my personal life. But for fucks sake, I earned the job that I have, beating out people more experienced. I expect a little respect.

I don’t know if that comes off as haughty, but it’s frustrating. The hunk of plastic and electronics didn’t work, despite me providing everything that was asked and so it instantly becomes my fault. Something I did wrong.

So now some people in their central office will call me and try to convince me to cut through the network security features to set up their damn piece of machinery.

To quote Charlie Brown, “oh brother”


back with scars to show

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So here’s my Buffalo trip story. I’ll post pictures sometime later on MSN Space or something. I have Murf’s pictures already, mine are being developed (note to self, get a digital camera).

We left at like 6. At a truck stop in Sackville, we came across a hand dryer called the X-Lerator. It was basically a motion activated jet engine strapped on the wall. It was an amazing piece of machinery. Back on the road, New Brunswick goes by fast.

Then we hit the border. We have clementines, a definite no no (it’s citrus, which is illegal in the scurvy ridden USA). So we’re asked to go inside while they search the vehicle, drug dog and all. They try to do the whole intimidating thing, not letting us walk around, trying to scare us. The head guy comes back from search the car with a can of soup. Chunky Soup. Chunk Beef Stew. Made in Canada. With Canadian Beef. For Fucks Sake. So then they have the audacity to ask us if we were trying to sneak this can of soup across the border. Yeah, that’s right. Anyway, apparently because they’re nice guys we didn’t get the ‘usual’ $100 fine. Thanks!

So Maine and Mass. are huge and take forever. We pulled over on the Interstate (which according to the sign, isn’t allowed) to take pictures of ourselves in front of the welcome to New York sign. Somewhere around noon, we finally make it to Buffalo. Go to some huge mall and drop off Aretha. Make it to the Hostel and drop off our stuff. Drive out to the football stadium and I buy a hat and toque. Jarrett drops down about 700 bucks on assorted Bills merchandaise. Jeepers

They sell beer in convience stores in the States, so Murf buys a bunch of Canadian (Imported beer!) and we sneak it into the Hostel to drink before the hockey game. The game is only a few blocks from the hostel, but there’s a free train/trolley to it anyway. Get out seats, and despite being way high up, we can see everything perfectly. Instantly become heroes in our section because we drove 18 hours for the hockey game. Sabre and Leaf fans alike, they love us. Leafs win 4-1

There’s a Leaf pep rally in the lobby of the HSBC arena. A lot of yelling Leaf fans, the legend of the Nova Scotians grows and grows. I buy a Buffalo hat and one of the new Ducks hats. We walk back to the Hostel (fuck the trolley, Mr. Rogers). In bed by 12. We sleep. A lot. And then the next day begins. The Hostel isn’t bad. It’s like a dorm, we have bunk beds, but a room for just the four of us. There’s seperate floors for males and females. Kinda wished we could of spent time there longer. Some sort of mutual community feeling going on. Kitchen/Bath/Lounge all provided. Apparently the Buffalo Hostel is one of the best in the world.

Anyway, next day starts and we get breakfast. Head to the football stadium, traffic is insane. We find a parking spot and start drinking the beers. Walk to the stadium, past the tailgate party (which we missed for the most part). Watched two guys do frightening things to a guy dressed up as the Geico gecko. Got to our seats, once again way high up. It’s a beautiful day and super warm. Bills win the game, we are once again legends to most of the folks around us. They stop serving beer at the half, which sucks. Some military guy was going to give me one of his beers, but his girlfriend claimed it instead. There’s fights in the stands and dozens of police milling about. Takes us forever to get out of the area.

We pick up Aretha at the HSBC and head home. A few wrong turns and we’re on our way. We hit snow in Maine, along with a great song called Beer! by Psychosticks and Gays, a great Maine jewelry store (radio advertisement: Gays : hard to find, but worth the effort). Seriously, who makes ads like that? Anyway, the Canadian border police don’t check the car/don’t check ID/anything.

Snow gets worse as we go through New Brunswick. The car in front of us suddenly does a 360 and ends up in the ditch. We stop (the heroes that we are) and push the car out of the ditch. A little ways up the road, the car does it again. Luckily she saves herself and doesn’t land in the ditch. We hightail it out of there and eventually make it home. Damn, Buffalo is a long ways away.

I hung out with Derek and Murf last night for the first time since coming back. Taking a break from them for a while after the trip was a good idea. Now that I have a major roadtrip under my belt, I kinda want to do something again. I was thinking of going to Alberta next spring, but who knows. Cost has a lot to do with any plans. Chris and I jokingly looked at the round-the-world tickets and where we would go. The book I’m reading right now and the next one in my pile are both about roadtrips to some degree. Even the Jack Kerouac journals are along the same lines. The whole idea of escape is appealing. Maybe not escape, just a change of scenary.

I joined Facebook because I was invited. I currently have four friends and I haven’t talked to any of them in at least a month. So begins my foray into the social networking phenomena. I already have a hi5 account that I barely pay attention to, so might as well get a Facebook one as well. I just can’t see myself using anything like that to meet people or really anything at all. I guess I don’t really meet new people at all. I don’t think I’m mature enough for the working crowd and I sometimes have a hard time relating to the school crowd due to my different priorities. Stuck in the middle I guess. For me, the use of these sites is to catch up with people I haven’t heard from in a while.

I have complained before about my fellow apartment building residents being overly friendly. But I’m starting to understand and accept it more. My building is solely one bedroom apartments and bachelors, which means the whole building is populated, by single people, couples without children and elderly folk. Basically that means there’s a lot of people living on their own here. Which in turn indicates why there’s people talking in the elevator, making conversation in the laundry room, the old guys that hang out in the lobby and yell at traffic. There’s a lot of lonely people here. That’s almost comforting.

Everytime I cross the empty lot/parking lot where the hospital used to be on the way home, I have a tendency to look up. It’s one of the only places in Halifax where you can really see the sky. Like all the sky. Except for Gerard Hall, all the buildings are small or far enough away that you just see clouds or stars or whatever. It’s really similar to the Pit/Baseball field in the North End that we used to walk down to get home from college. I would assume the Commons are the same idea. Forget green spaces, big sky areas are where it’s at.
It’s hot in my apartment, like 25 degrees. I don’t even have the heat on. Guess that won’t be a problem over the winter?

I played soccer with the Locals on Friday. I like soccer.

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