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No worse fate can befall a man than to be surrounded by traitor souls.

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Don’t come home.

Elizabeth May must be pissing herself with glee now.

Thanks for nothing, Gerald.



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Tory MP Bill Casey says he will vote against his own government’s budget legislation this evening unless the Conservatives unexpectedly reverse themselves and reinstate the offshore accord between Nova Scotia and Ottawa.

Mr. Casey’s vote is expected to result in his ejection from the Tory caucus, which means he will have to sit as an Independent.

South Shore-St. Margarets MP Gerald Keddy said he understands why Mr. Casey is doing what he’s doing, although he will vote for the budget himself and stay in caucus.

“I fully respect his decision,” he said. “I’m going to take the position that I’ve taken up to this point. I’m going to continue to work with the minister to try to have it changed.”

Thanks for nothing, Gerald.


I’m just irresponsible enough to try it

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Two posts in the whole month of May. Wow, measly results. Scarcely any in the past two months at all.

I’ve been busy, certainly I did have a more productive month then just two posts can grasp. I actually have almost adopted the idea of ‘knock on wood’, to not jinx anything. It’s been a busy month.

I took up running and ran the Bluenose 10K Marathon. After being unable to get less than 1 hour and 9 minutes in practice, I ran the actual race in a cool 58 minutes, which was rather exciting. I also finished a respectable 418th out of 1100-odd runners. The actual finish was incredible, people cheering during the approach, I got a stupid grin on my face and sprinted the last 100 metres or so.

That said, I’ve run a total of once (well really twice) since the race, two weeks ago. It’s getting warmer out in the city (on a side note, the whole city has exploded into green in the past week, suddenly every tree has leaves!) and harder to run except in the early morning (not happening) or later in the evening (which has been busy as of late). My hope for the summer is to re-devote that time and dedication for running to the gym and make the membership actually worth it.

I’ve found the running to be somewhat therapeutic, it’s freeing to get home from work, grab the shoes and the shorts and go. Leave everything behind, unable to be reached, can run as far or as fast as you’d like. I don’t want to say I’m running away from any troubles experienced on a day-to-day basis, but maybe I’m running them out. Emptying out my system of the bonds and weights of the normal day. The Ultramarathon Man book by Dean Karnazes inspired me a bit, enabling the bug to gnaw to get running and now, I just want to keep at it.

In other news, the Ducks have continued their playoff run to the finals. My lucky hat has gone 8-1, losing it’s first game last Saturday, which means the karma and superstition is off and can now be tempered with the sweaters, other hats, etc, tonight. All the ritualistic ways we handle hockey is pretty ridiculous, but it’s a good series so far. Game 1 was easily the most exciting. I kind of just want the series over though.

I helped Murf out with a metal show on Friday. It was pretty big, with two bands from the States and stuff. Anyway, I ended up making friends with one of the bands, so much so that they gave me a nickname (K-Dog) and asked me to come along on their 28 day cross Canada tour. I declined, but it was still awesome.

There probably aren’t many “casual” metal fans, but I guess I’d count as one. I can appreciate the music and respect the skill, while at the same time, I was concerned that working the show till 3am would totally kill my hearing. Either way, I think if someone looks just at the loud music, or the screaming vocals, or the lyrics, or the names of the bands, they might get the wrong idea about the whole thing. Backstage, these guys were so friendly and cool, it was incredible. Covenance is coming back in the fall and I’m going to be there for sure.

I should probably bring this to a close, as I soon have to prep for the Ducks game. Despite how great this past month has been (knock on wood..), I need more time to write. I have 5 posts ready for here in various states of finish and 5 articles currently on tap for Hockey’s Future, plus the draft coming up. It’s not even a problem of motivation or finding the muse, just finding the time to tap into everything. K-Murf is coming along great, and Brett and Daniel were up in the past few weeks, which was awesome.

In closing, I’ll leave with this monologue by Craig Ferguson. He did this during the height of Britney Spears shaven head stories and so on. And now, it strikes the same with Lindsay Lohan’s cocaine binges and Paris Hilton going to jail. These people are my age, have everything and yet their shell is cracking. Ferguson speaks from the heart.

I totally had this post completely written and then I lost it.

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