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So this is the new year

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Writing, be it for this, for hockey or for anything else, hasn’t come easy lately. In fact, frustration has been a pretty common theme lately, even as I hunker down, take another swig of Guiness and press the keys forming these words. So I’m advancing my schedule a bit, going back to the advice that I once heard, and later passed on: write the parts you want, go back and fill in the holes later.

I have roughly twenty different things I want to comment on, going as far back as the middle of summer. But for now, they’ll sit on the sidelines, forgotten and half-formed ideas, to be revealed sometime. It is times like these, when the block is at its pinnacle that I question even the purpose of this outlet and scoff at my deadlines as they woosh by.

So here’s my 2007 year in review

To start, the same story from 2006. I guess the year was a hit and a miss. I did do the gym a bit, and I’m doing it more now. I took up running and then later, I took up soccer. The apartment’s cleaner and more organized. It’s a home now. My writing took off, but when it all ended, I wanted more from 2007. The trick is using that as motivation and not a sticking point.

The main things I’ll remember from 2007

There was this pretty impressive period from the time I did the 10k until my birthday where everything seemed to go right. The Ducks won the cup, I got a nice raise at work, the race, K-Murf 2007, good times.

The trip to New York was amazing. The city is just alive, moreso then Halifax. Always something going on. Simply stunning.

There were great concerts, like Matt Good, Sloan and the Hip. Even going to Keith’s Fest with Murf still hungover from St. FX was a good time. The cottage trip in August was perfect.

On the flip side of the coin, Peter’s gone, so’s the dog. The Canada Day weekend was pretty terrible for a number of reasons. But lessons learned, memories cherished.

Things I want from 2008

It’s funny, trying to make goals for this year, because I’m pretty satisfied where I am.

That said, I need change. A vacation, a trip, something that is more then just the ordinary. I need to stretch. I don’t know if that will happen in a year, this year, or if it will take time, but I fear growing stagnant, as ridiculous as it sounds.

Work is going well, it could be better, it could be worse. I have some stuff coming up that will once again change the way I approach my job, which should be for the better. There’s some interesting stats that came to light just recently about IT in Nova Scotia, and I’ll comment on that when I get to it.

Writing is a big one actually. Using this space more effectively, more dedicatedly. Actually being timely and intelligent. There’s a lot on my mind and a lot going on that I want to capture.

I hope the dedication to the gym, though at times wavering, continues. I have plans to run another 10k in the Bluenose Marathon, with hopes of improving my time. I want to play soccer again during the summer. Being the ‘Original Canadian’ once again.

I’ve continued to progress in the hockey coverage and really the only improvement I can make now is by working hard and producing content. There’s plenty of work to be done and now that I’ve got the confidence and the credentials, it’s a matter of starting the production line. Now if I could only get rid of this writer’s block.

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