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Bye Bourdon

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As most who follow the sport of hockey know by now, Canucks defenseman and former QMJHL star Luc Bourdon was killed on Thursday in a motor vehicle accident.

I came across Bourdon at the 2006 Memorial Cup in Moncton where he played for the hometown Wildcats. All the Moncton players had bleached their hair blond as a team building thing in the playoffs and by the time the Memorial Cup rolled around they all had really terrible roots showing through and Bourdon was no exception.

I remember after the final game where Moncton lost to Quebec for the Cup Championship, going over to the scrum outside the Wildcats dressing room. The media guy for Moncton was bringing players out to be sacrificed to the surging mass of press. Most of these kids had just faced their toughest loss of their short hockey career and now they had to talk about it while the wound was still raw and fresh.

Bourdon came out with that shock of black and blond hair and those eyebrows and started answering questions. The look on his face was wide-eyed shock, as if he had no idea on what was going on. Of course, now it is being mentioned that Bourdon was a shy person, however he handled himself well in the scrum, given the difficult circumstances.

Bourdon’s ankle at the time was shot. I remember hearing that it was being held together by three pins and one of the pins might have even been broken. It was a wonder he could walk, let alone play hockey. I remember him saying that he was supposed to go for surgery to reconstruct the ankle two days after the championship game, it was that bad. But when asked if he felt the ankle held him back or limited his play, he refused to take the bait, claiming he did the best he could do and that’s all that could be done.


patience is a virtue well learnt

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I’m an impatient man.

I want it all now. I want it all yesterday. In fact, I’m so impatient at times that it manifests itself in procrastination and laziness. I want things to be done so much that I can never even get them started.

So with that in mind, the past couple of weeks have been frustrating to say the least. I was in Yarmouth at the beginning of the month and after an ill-fated game of three-on-three basketball, limping to karaoke, four and a half hours in outpatients and a pair of crutches, I ended up with a busted up ankle.

I was on crutches for a week, used a cane for this past week and now, even after spending today walking on two feet like a regular guy, it’s not fully healed. The little knobby bone that people commonly call their ankle (it actually is the bottom of your fibula) is about twice the size as the good ankle, which means my anterior talofibular ligament is still kinda screwed up (can you tell I’ve done a bit of research here?).

Anyway, so I’ve been laid up for most of the month more or less, moving on crutches or very slowly and it stinks. I know from the aforementioned research that I need to give the injury time to heal and recuperate (I need to see about rehabilitation exercises next). It’s just frustrating to not be able to do normal day-to-day things and to be reliant on others for help. I wasn’t able to do the Bluenose Run, hell, I haven’t been able to do any sort of running at all, which at times makes it feel like I’m stuck in my apartment. Not to mention, I try to use running as a way to deal with the frustrations of the day.

Slowly, but surely, the ankle seems to be getting better, but it’s driving me nuts.

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