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OMG Digital Effex

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Another month and another post about things I see on TV…man I need to either write something useful or get out of the house more (actually this is my first weekend without anything going on in the past….4 weeks? and will be my last for the rest of the month I think).

Anyway, odd observation, the Dairy Queen commercial where the little girl makes the fort from couch cushions in the living room and the dad comes home to order a Blizzard and a hot dog. The first release of the commercial had a Brownie Blizzard and the appropriate look, suddenly there’s a new one (I caught on because it was a different Blizzard colour) advertising a new Girl Scout cookie Blizzard.

So someone painstakingly went into the commercial (assuming they didn’t refilm, which is likely due to cost) and changed every appearance of that little Blizzard in that guys hand from being brown to being green.

Interesting stuff. Well, not interesting, just an observation.

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