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At the beginning of May, while I was in Yarmouth, I was messing around, “playing” basketball with my co-workers when I sprained my ankle quite badly. At first I didn’t think it was that bad, until the next day when it looked like my foot was dying and was about to fall off.

So I went to the hospital, spent a week on crutches (in Halifax, the city built on a hill!) and a week with a cane (so debonair) and then in June started physio (yeah it was that bad).

Anyway, the injury happened a week before the Bluenose, so I didn’t run the 10k like I wanted to and I pretty much haven’t done anything for the past 3 months, except sit on my arse while my ankle heals up. It was odd, because I missed the freedom of running, the freedom of the get-up-and-go. Not just running but everything, I haven’t been able to do soccer on the Commons like last year, or road hockey like last year. Being “broken up” with activity, all of the sudden it was everywhere I looked.

I finished physio right before I went to Oshawa (more on that later) and last week, I finally started running again. I did a 3k and then a 4k, with the 4k feeling crappy enough to know I should stick at that distance for a while.

Not being able to run has made me appreciate it more. So tentatively, I’m hoping to do the 1/2 marathon for the next Bluenose and I’m putting a full marathon on my list of things to do (more on that later too). I’m well behind where I want to be, given the 3 months of inactivity, but my goal is to run a 10k with a reasonable time by the end of September. Given that I’m going away the last week of September (again, later), that puts the date at September 20th. Giddy-up.

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