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Beauty without depth is just decoration.

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Everyone’s heard of love at first sight. Recently, I was enamored with great design.

The site is Noah Kalina‘s. He’s the guy behind the iconic “photo of himself for 6 years” video. His blog is just amazingly put together. It’s minimal, most of the content is multimedia, with embedded videos, playable music and pictures, even has a nifty little way for permalinks.

Looking further, the platform that the site is built on is Tumblr. The platform is part of a new breed of “tumblelogs”, designed to focus on short-form, minimalistic posts of multimedia, be it video, music, photo or whatever and quick quotes, links and the such. The idea appeals me as a fast and easy solution to share things I come across.

But the obvious question is what would happen to this WordPress location and the accumulated three years of content I have here? I’ve spent time over the past few days reading through the content I’ve posted here. There’s a lot of crap, drivel about my day-to-day happenings, complaining about work. There’s also a lot of decent reflections of my feelings and thoughts. So much so, I’ve been toying with the idea of making a “Best Of” category to highlight what I feel provides the clearest view of self, with some sort of comment or explanation of context. I’ve also been pondering clearing out the crap that serves little to no purpose, filling up space for no reason other then to document another weekend of boozing. That’s more unlikely, simply because I don’t think I’m at a point when I can look back and judge the value of some of that stuff.

However, in the end, I was surprised by some of what I posted. Though long and sometimes plodding (as this post is getting close to being), there’s still some value in those words and so they will remain. Which is why I’m glad I found this plugin: ReBlog. It allows for blogs to be consolidated from multiple locations.

I’m not sure if a Tumblr blog is the way to go, for at least some of what I want to create. Maybe it’s just refreshing the design here, adding some new plugins and going from there. But I’m going to continue to think of ways to improve my content.


250 years of democracy and now this…

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I’ve been meaning to make mention of the d250 campaign, which celebrates the 250th anniversary of democracy in Nova Scotia/Canada. It’s been a campaign that in my mind has missed its mark a bit (promoting concerts, etc while there’s a federal and municipal election going on).

But that commentary might have to wait for another day.

The reason I mention it, is that in celebration of this historical achievement, we have Premier Rodney MacDonald stepping into the affairs of the HRM and over-turning a decision made by the HRM council. Now I don’t have much of an opinion on the actual topic at hand, and I sympathize with the Premier’s reasoning that such decisions could stifle the growth here in Halifax. But to see him overturn a the decision of a democratically elected city council elected by the citizens of Halifax…it makes me wonder if he’s taken the time to read any of the d250 brochures they have sitting around the office.


words on a page

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Mitch Hedberg had this great joke that went like this:

I sit in my hotel at night and think of something that’s funny and then I go get a pen and write ’em down. Or, if the pen’s too far away, I have to convince myself that what I thought of, ain’t funny.

The definition of the balance between creativity and laziness. I had my own Hedberg-esque moment a few days ago, where I was lying on my couch, came up with a cool idea for a short story or a scene or a character or something and by the time I convinced myself to get up and write it down, it had passed.

In an effort to combat this laziness, this block of sorts and to maybe, just maybe spur on my writing schtick to a level I want it to be at, I received my eee-PC today. In fact, I’m currently writing on it.

It’s small, it’s sweet, it’s excruciatingly hard to make capital letters and all the typing takes on an almost delicate feel as I paw at the keyboard and hope the right letters come out.

But I’m writing. So there’s that. Who knows if this will continue. My hands are already cramped.


When the angels make contact

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Interesting little follow up:

Less then a year after starting a chapter here in Halifax, the Guardian Angels have faded away on the local scene, both from sight and from any new news.

So at the end of last month, Rick Howe got in touch with Angels’ founder, Curtis Sliwa to get a bit of an update. Turns out things are going too well:

I had a chat the other day with Curtis Sliwa, the founder and chief mouthpiece for the Guardian Angels. Folks have been wondering why they haven’t seen much of the red satin jackets and berets wandering the streets of Halifax since the big hoopla over their plans to set up a chapter here. Sliwa says they’ve got 8 volunteers trained and patrolling now but for a variety of reasons the patrols are limited to the Halifax Common on Wednesday night’s. Pizza corner in downtown Halifax is in lockdown now according to Sliwa, who says he’s pleased with the police response to the downtown rowdiness. He says he’d like to expand his group’s patrols, but needs more volunteers first. {Link}

So from the sounds of it, there’s not even enough interest to do more then a cursory effort. Seems the saviours of Halifax are no more then cardboard deep.


Reasons I disliked my recent dental visit

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A myriad of reasons…

  • I have three cavities. Which means more dental visits.
  • I have the three cavities because I don’t floss
  • I don’t floss, which means everytime I go to the dentist, I get the floss lecture and the associated guilt trip
  • I had a new Hygienist take care of me
  • The Hygienist I had the time before this was pretty hot and went to NSIT a year after I did
  • The Hygienist I had before that one was an older guy who spent time in the military and was pretty cool. He retired.
  • This new Hygienist was neither hot, nor did she have a cool military background
  • This new Hygienist rested the ball of her hand on my glasses when she worked on my mouth
  • This new Hygienist bent my glasses all up
  • I couldn’t complain, because her fingers were in my mouth
  • I’m a dental hypocrite, allow me to explain: Teeth/Smile are my deal breaker. If you don’t know what a deal breaker is, then know this, almost every guy I know has one. It’s that one, usually superficial attribute that essentially could kill any interest in a member of the opposite sex. Most guys I know will put up with the batshit craziest girls on the planet, as long as it doesn’t violate their one deal breaker. (on a side note, if someone has more then one deal breaker, that’s just picky). Anyway, my deal breaker is teeth, but my mouth is no prize. Thus, I’m a dental hypocrite.

Other then that, extremely busy. Too busy in fact. The only thing that keeps me going is a checklist on my office wall.

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