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Frosted Flakes, a family business

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Funny story,

Tony the Tiger on the front of the cereal box this morning and playing soccer with those kids in the park isn’t the same Tony the Tiger that my parents had on the front of the cereal boxes. This isn’t just a stylistic thing with new art or something, it’s a whole different and separate tiger!

The Tony we have today is actually Tony the Tiger Jr. who was introduced back in the day as a youngster, even having his own cereal for a bit in the 70s. Not sure exactly when he took over the Frosted Flakes role from his old man, but he’s noted for being a more athletic and active tiger compared to Tony Sr.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof:

Here’s Tony Sr. back in the day:

Here’s Tony Jr. back in the day on his own cereal box, Frosted Rice:

Finally here’s Tony the Tiger as we know him today:

Apparently the way you can tell is in the stripes on the face. On Tony Sr. those stripes beside and underneath his eyes don’t extend into the white fur, they stay encased in orange fur. On Tony Jr. (both as a kid and today), those stripes extend into the white fur.

There are other indications (like compare the paws/hands of the three or the chest of Tony Sr. and today’s Tony), but it seems like a cool little story that the mantle of Tony the Tiger apparently got passed down sometime in the past 30 years. Of course, eye colour between Tony Jr. and today’s Tony is different…But then maybe I’m putting too much thought into this.

In any case, it’s interesting stuff, now I wonder when Tony got the red bandana from his dad and where his dad is today.

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