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a fish by any other name

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About a month ago, I got a new fish. I named him Dutch after Arnold’s character in Predator. Dutch is a Dwarf Gourami and he replaces the deceased Deion Sanders, a comet I had for about a year in my office before he died in a sick and tragic way.

Dutch lives in my apartment as opposed to my office like Deion did and from, more or less, sitting and staring at him I’ve noticed that Dutch matches my own temperament a lot more then Deion ever did.

Deion used to always swim around and there would be frequent times where he would start darting all over the place. But Dutch is much casual, with an equal amount of chilling out not doing anything and swimming around a lot.

I’m not saying I sit at home all the time and stare at my fish, nor am I saying that somehow my fish is in tune to my emotions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m barely home and when I am, I’m pretty sedentary. Even now, at 1am, I’m sitting with my minilaptop on my chest eating popcorn. Dutch has long since gone to sleep/hidden himself among the rocks.

Maybe having a fish at the office makes me unaware of how he behaves outside of the regular nine-to-five and pretty much ignoring Dutch except for night and the early mornings before work isn’t the best gauge of character. But I think it’s pretty cool if maybe, just maybe, he’s picking up on my own mood and inactivity.


isn’t that the point?

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Just got a spam email message titled “the social networking site no one else knows about”

You’re doing it wrong.

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