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opening the curtains

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Capturing this here, because the conversation keeps resonating in my head:

T: It wouldn’t surprise me if you were depressed. As long as I’ve known you, you’ve never really been happy. You’ve always been wanting something more.

K: Happy? Uhh..Can we use another word? Can we use the word satisfied instead? I’ll accept satisfied.

T: Fine. You’ve never been satisfied.


How can you run when you know?

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How does a country rebound when its political process and was is deemed acceptable on the political stage results in tragedy and death?

It’s difficult to draw the direct line from the tragedy in Arizona to Sarah Palin and the map with crosshairs on it. It is telling that she’s quickly backing away from that stand, but more importantly, how did it ever get this bad? Why are is it now necessary to ask the question: where is the line in divisive politics? Political discourse is no longer a discussion with talking points, but just ingrained hyperbole.

The violent rhetoric can’t be completely tied to the right-wing, the Republicans and the Tea Partiers, although that will clearly be trotted forth in the coming days and weeks. Nor can it be completely denied and avoided, although again, that will happen in the near future. It remains to be seen if something actually intelligent or reasonable will develop here.

This is what Jon Stewart’s rally was all about. To tone it down a notch. To be sensible. Lessons ignored because they came from a comedian. As always, the jester is the only one who can tell the truth.

If nothing else, the fact that the political rhetoric among our neighbours to the south has turned deadly, makes me relieved to be a Canadian.

To Resolve Project

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My New Year’s resolution this year was to eat a Crunchie Bar.

So far, it’s 9 days into the New Year and I haven’t had one. So it goes.

But with that said, I’ve stumbled across a few other resolutions that caught my eye: Motherland Design, a design blog ran the To Resolve Project, where designers submitted their resolutions. Here’s a selection of my favourite ones:

2010 year in review, coming sometime.



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As always, a new year starts and plenty is left unsaid. So hopefully yearly review will come soon, as well as covering some other stuff going on. In the meantime, the latest stuff with Wikileaks made me think of this poem originally published in National Lampoon, which I came across in a book about that magazine.

How to Spell Conspiracy
By Gahan Wilson
National Lampoon, January 1990

C is for Cover-up,
The verb and the noun,
If you don’t see it,
Then you won’t frown,
If you do see it,
Then you must pray
No one has seen you
Looking that way!

O’s for Official,
For those things rated true
By the people who run us
And tell me and you
What is and what isn’t,
What’s up and what’s down,
And you’d better believe them,
Or get out of town

N’s for the Nothing
You hear about stuff
Which might get you started
Into calling the bluff
Of those who would fool you
And lead you astray,
And to think for yourself
Instead of their way.

S is for Sneaky
And Slimy and Sly,
For thins that slip by you
Which you never spy.
Since they’ve suckered you silly
And stolen your mind,
You won’t ever see them
Stealing up from behind.

P is for Presidents
Who proudly come and go,
And lie and blather constantly,
And finally bore you so
That you come to leave off puzzling
If they’re good or bad,
And only ponder if they’re just
Another TV ad.

I is for Invisible,
For things you cannot see,
For things that are not printed
Nor shown upon TV
If you and I see nothing wrong
We cannot place the blame;
That’s why the villains laugh at us-
Now isn’t that a shame!

R is for Rascals
Who run our world for us,
They do it very quietly,
They never make a fuss;
They do it all with puppets
Dressed as common folk and kings,
And now you’ll understand, perhaps,
Why you’re wearing all those strings.

A is for the Asses
Who claim that all is well,
Whose bland assurances ensure
The world will go to hell.
They’d have us look the other way
As villains kill our seas;
They’d have us smile as others force
The wretched to their knees.

C is for Craftiness
With which exploiters lurk-
How cunningly they lure us in,
How tidily they work
Ourselves against each other
So we bring ourselves in line,
And march outselves right to their feet
To give what’s yours and mine.

Y is for You, the only way out,
But you’ve got to get moving
To put them to rout,
You’ve got to start looking,
Make the effort to see,
And if you all do it,
By God – we’ll be free!

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