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Get off my back running website!

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On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 2:35 AM, The MapMyRun Team <> wrote:
Hey Kevin,

Take credit for your workouts!

Your last workout was logged on 2011-04-28. Don’t lose miles, calories or reps. Log your workout and keep your training schedule on track.

See what the MapMyRUN Community has been up to since you last logged a workout:

Total Miles: 3, 147, 000

Workouts Logged 313, 608

Calories Burned: 122, 353, 152

Total Routes: 482, 040

Stay fit,

The MapMyRUN Team

Hey MapMyRun Team,

Stop pushing me so hard!

You’re right, my last workout was logged on 2011-04-28. That was yesterday. Yesterday evening, in fact. I’m really trying. I mean, I’m aiming for a half marathon at the end of May and that might be a bit ambitious if I hope to come anywhere close to a personal best, but geez, stop pressuring me to run so much.

Here’s what I’ve been up to since the last time I logged a workout:

  • I finished off some left-over turkey from Easter
  • I took a nap on my couch
  • I woke up to watch the comedy block on NBC (yeah, including Steve Carrell’s last episode as Michael Scott. I got a little choked up when Jim said goodbye).
  • I also flipped over to watch a bit of the Vancouver Canucks game, but man, I hate those Sedin twins.
  • When I was watching the Daily Show, I discovered an ice-cream cookie sandwich in my freezer, so I ate that.
  • Then I went to bed.
  • This morning I woke up, got ready for work, watched some sports highlights, ate Sugar Crisp for breakfast.
  • I deposited a cheque in the ATM on the way to the office and debated asking the newspaper girl out for coffee (I chickened out).
  • Now, here I am at the office, being harped on for not running.

This is totally like that time I was in Air Cadets all over again, if you keep pressuring me, I’m not going to do well and then we’ll both be disappointed.

So, MapMyRun Team, just ease off. I’ve just started logging workouts with you. Yesterday’s workout was literally the second one I ever put in the system and you know what? The first workout I put in was actually entered the day before.

I mean, yeah, if I drop off the face of the Earth, gimme a shout to kick me in the arse, but this…this right here, that’s just cruel. A man’s got to eat, sleep and make a living.

Stay sane,




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I am a sponge of information.

I collect it, I catalogue it, I file it away for future use and digestion.

I regularly email myself links to read later, ponder later, blog about later. I’ve got almost 100 drafts on this blog (one of them is from New Year’s Day 2009, talking about a documentary I watched about space and just how huge it is and then tying that into SETI and the fact I have a laptop secretly steaming away on those datasets along with the World Community Grid) and another 30 or so on my Tumblr (including a quote from Mark Twain and a picture of an AT-AT in a snowstorm…I’m not sure why those aren’t already posted) of things I have yet to discuss, to share and put my own spin on.

I’ve got a number of books with the corners folded over on large swathes of pages, for passages that struck my interest, information that I want to look farther into, neat anecdotes or turns of phrases.

Desks and drawers and any available surface or piece of paper, full of notes, random scribbles, to-do lists, words, names, inspirations.

I’ve gotten into a poor habit of leaving tabs open on Firefox of things I want to read closer and share. I haven’t turned my computer off overnight for weeks now, because I had about a dozen tabs open. I guess my point is I just end up collecting stuff, I have trivia and information just hanging off me at every junction

Tonight, I had to restart my computer, Windows updates. When it came back on, those dozen tabs were now gone.

I can only remember a few of them, I can’t recall if they were all that important and I’ll likely never get them back. Trying to wade through my browsing history yielded no returns.

In the past, I regularly bookmarked all tabs in folders (I’ve got about 12 subfolders under the heading random in my bookmarks) and yet I rarely revisit.

I scarcely ever go back to the links I’ve emailed myself.

I never re-open one of those books with the folder corners.

I never get the chance to share all the information I want to share.

And so then I lose some and I try to mourn the loss, but in the big picture, there’s little difference in that fate.

It’s not like it hasn’t happened before.

This one time, I formatted my computer and didn’t back up my favorites. I lost them all.

I used to have an email address, that I used for all my links. I must have emailed countless emails to it over my time in college. And then it shut down, I didn’t realize and I lost them all.

I used to have another incarnation of Runaway Future, running off of Then it crashed and I lost everything I posted on there, my entire college time in text. Everything from day-to-day interactions, to cool things I found, to relevant news around the world. All gone.

I miss it all and yet, I wonder the importance.

A few of my friends have wandered through the archives here, almost six straight years of…what exactly? Am I ever going to read through all this crap again?

I can’t even read Scott Adams’ blog because there’s so much stuff there and it stretches back and everytime I read it, it’s good and I want to read more, but there’s just so much. I’ve been avoiding, even after getting my own friends hooked on it, for the same reason, there’s just too much information.

So much information, so much out there in this world and I can never even begin to start to capture it all.

Do I sound like a super villain if I say I want to know everything?

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