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every whisper of every waking hour

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Last night, I found myself in a conversation about religion with people I don’t know that well.

It was certainly thought provoking and at a certain point, I talked about a clunky theory I once read about a Higher Power. Where even if God is an almighty force, the universe is humongous big and I am extremely small. So much so, that she might only think of me as often as I think of a single ant underfoot while walking through the woods.

This idea was generally disliked by everyone.

It’s been raining a lot this week and on my way to work, I suddenly became aware of earthworms.

All the water has flooded all their tunnels and so the worms have come to the surface to prevent drowning. Near death or dead already, I must have walked past hundreds if not thousands of them this morning, stretched out on the sidewalk.

There would be no way to save them all.

These two thoughts seemed related in my mind, but the linkage is as equally clunky as the original analogy.

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