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From where we are, to where do I begin

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I’ve been thinking a lot of permanence. Things that last. Something that remains.

As is always the case, I touched on this almost three years ago, the acknowledgement that this website stands as now a TEN YEAR record of life (what the fuck?). Reading through it, it takes me back. It’s more than just the words, the minutiae of the day-to-day, my stumbling, rambling way to say something meaningful or something that someone else would want to read. Reading through these archives brings me back to the person I am and the path I’ve taken. Even when I talk about something stupid or irrelevant, I can remember where I was, what I was doing, what I was actually dealing with in my life. Maybe that’s the importance of this space.

Which brings me back to permanence. It’s something I thought about with HalifaxLocals shut down: the idea of who actually owns an online community. Is it truly owned by the person paying the bills or the people who participate, interact and build. And while my past endeavours never had the reach of Locals, their importance, to me, was significant. Looking back, how great would it be for me to have the record of my time in college, from learning that I don’t want to be a computer programmer, to trying to figure out what I want to do, to deciding to go to King’s and take journalism. All lost in the shifting sands of the Internet when futur.frandt shut down. How much would I want to hold onto that period where I decided to not take journalism and instead get a real job, a moment in time chronicled and now lost on MSN Spaces.

It’s not that I think there’s anything of great importance here. It’s just that it’s a record that has been lost. A place and a time. Feelings and thoughts.

More than once in the past few weeks, I’ve mentioned to people that I wish we could hire a camera crew to come to the office and interview everyone. Just like a stupid real version of The Office. To capture this point in time. Because, it feels important, it feels like we’re on a precipice and regardless of what happens next, This, right here, right now, is important.


Somewhere no one cared about.

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The story about the shaving gel used to open this article reminded me of this time when I was a kid.

It was when I lived in Chester and I got invited to go with a friend and his father to a house they owned out in the countryside for a day. It was a typical kid adventure: tramping through the woods where there was mud and cold and rain; there was a culvert underneath the road in front of the house that was big enough for us to walk through.

At one point, we were hanging out in the basement of the house and for whatever reason, I chose to pour turpentine down a drain or sink sitting there. I presumed that the drain was somehow hooked up to the outside and it would just go “away”. Of course, it wasn’t hooked up to anything, so at the bottom of the sink, this turpentine started seeping out as my friend’s dad came downstairs wondering what we were doing.

I was a never really a destructive kid (although now thinking about this, on that same trip, we put a bunch of grass in the road and watched as cars ran it over, then one of the cars stopped and we hid in the culvert until they went away), just a weird flashback of memory…




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This morning, I was walking to work.

A few meters in front of me was a woman walking in the same direction.

All of the sudden, she stopped, bent over and picked a worm off the sidewalk, moving it to the safety of a nearby lawn.

Last night was a rainy affair and the sidewalk was strewn with worms in various states of distress, forced above ground after their tunnels flooded with the rain.

The absurdity of this woman delicately and carefully trying to save a single worm struck me.

Heading towards us, a mother held the hand of her young son.

As they approached us, it became obvious that the son was stomping on all the worms he saw on the sidewalk.


what brought you here

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People – even good, impressive people – always want something simple and unimpressive. Everything good and impressive that they do with their lives is a result of the impressive path they take to get that they want – not a result of wanting an impressive thing.

Kellogg’s (or: The Last Wholesome Fantasy of the Middle-School Boy), B.J. Novak


Should I just switch to Svbtle?

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A few days ago, someone asked me about why I’m even bothering to write a personal blog. What’s my motivation? How does it fit my muse? Those are good questions, and they made more sense to me after I looked up the word muse in the dictionary. I’m not paid for this. It’s a bit like volunteering at the local community center to write gadget reviews or do a sleeping bag round-up. If you perform surgical procedures, it’s like volunteering to do them at the library.

Why Blog? – John Brandon

The purpose of all this eludes me at times, even as a dutifully send in money for hosting invoices. If not to scratch a personal itch, what’s the point of all this?


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